My Clumsy Start

Thanks for joining me!

I am the only me. And I’m right here, right now. My blog is the place to coalesce a few of my passions.

Context is Everything

I am not sure that my writings will be much original content because one of my passions is a permanent quest for learning (Now you get the site title). I am the one-and-only Curt Queyrouze, but I am still an accumulation of all that I absorb. In that vein, context is everything. I love to learn and I love to share my take on what I learn. If you ever see me talking to myself, I am probably trying it on for size. Frequently, things make perfect sense to me until I try to turn around and explain that the very same thing. Therein lies the reason for this blog site.

Most of the writings on my blog will focus on my passions – the digital transformation of financial services, my family and diversity and inclusion. One day, my kids may read some of this and they will know me a little better – allegedly. My 23-year-old asked me, just a few years ago, “I know you are in banking or something, but what is it you actually do?’  Context = her mom and I divorced when she was one.

A Comfortable Introvert

Many people are surprised when I tell them I am an introvert. I get why that may be confusing because I can easily stand in front of a room of people and speak. I am comfortable at that moment, but not afterward when I have to mingle with the crowd. Long interactions can be very draining. I don’t like talking on the phone. But, I do like being around people – just as long as I have an escape route.

That’s It

I don’t really like talking about myself so I will exercise my prerogative to end this post here and get on with writing about other things. You have enough context now. At least you have some context.



For me context is the key – from that comes the understanding of everything. Kenneth Noland

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